Release Agents for the Rotational Mold Industry

Complete line of Chemtrend semi-permanent and sacrificial release agents, primer/sealer, mold cleaner, and anti-static agent specifically formulated for the rotational mold industry.

Chemtrend MOC-1EZR Mold Cleaner

Heavy duty, solvent based cleaner for removing impurities from mold surfaces.

Chemtrend Mono-Coat RM-1910RP Rotational Mold Primer

High quality primer for sealing mold surfaces prior to the application of semi-permanent releases.

Rotational Mold Semi-Permanent Release Agents

Complete line of semi-permanent release agents formulated exclusively for the rotational mold industry.

Chemtrend Mono-Coat RM-1908WRHS Rotational Mold Release

Water-based release where high slip is required.

Chem-Trend Surface Enhancer 360

Designed to be applied on a rotational mold surface that has been properly released using the appropriate Chemtrend Mono-Coat Release Agents.